Armin Weisser, Director of Global Marketing Neurosurgery
Aesculap A.G.

WFNS Foundation especially recognizes and acknowledges the generous effort of the medical industry to contribute to our goals. Among them, we’d like to enhance Aesculap. Aesculap help has been crucial supporting training centers and also in the provision of instruments and neurosurgical sets to areas in need.

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Through constructive dialogue, B. Braun develops high quality product systems and services that are both evolving and progressive – and in turn, improves people’s health around the world.

How would you describe the relationship of the WFNS and B. Braun?

We highly appreciate the close and excellent cooperation with the WFNS. Furthermore, the WFNS Foundation is a great partner to work on the B. Braun Group’s vision to protect and improve the health of people around the world.

How exactly do you work on that vision together with the WFNS Foundation?

Our cooperation with the WFNS Foundation started nearly 20 years ago to work on the lack of equipment and education. At that time Aesculap became the equipment sponsor for the WFNS Basic Sets of Neurosurgical Instruments including instruments for cranial and spinal neurosurgery. Ever since the WFNS Foundation coordinates the distribution of the sets and ensures that the instruments reach the neurosurgeons and patients with the most urgent needs. Countless patients around the world had a chance to be treated by neurosurgeons thanks to these instrument sets.

How do you support the education of neurosurgeons together with the WFNS?

Especially neurosurgeons in non-developed countries hardly have access to the best education programs. As they often cannot afford an international fellowship, we started the WFNS-Aesculap Neurosurgery Fellowship in Tübingen/Germany in 2010. Three years later we added a WFNS-Aesculap Fellowship focusing on Pediatrics. Meanwhile more than 50 fellows joined these programs and have been trained by Professor Tatagiba (Adult), Professor Schuhmann (Pediatrics) and their teams. The fellows and their patients benefit from this experience. The initiative perfectly matches with the B. Braun philosophy “Sharing Expertise”.

What exactly may the fellows expect?

The duration of the fellowships is three months and the candidates receive a monthly scholarship of € 1,250. Furnished accommodation helps them to organize their lives in Tübingen/Germany. The fellows will attend surgeries, conferences, workshops and other educational activities during the fellowship period. Both, the WFNS and the Department of Neurosurgery at the University of Tübingen arrange the program.

Last year you received the WFNS Humanity Award. How does that influence your activities?

The Humanity Award means a lot to us. It confirms and encourages us to continue our support and cooperation with the WFNS. “Sharing Expertise” lives on partnership, responsibility and commitment. Looking at our cooperation we feel welcomed within the global network of Neurosurgery.

Which products is B. Braun Aesculap offering for Neurosurgery?

We focus on products that neurosurgeons are using in the OR. Based on our intense dialog with neurosurgeons we have a clear understanding of their needs. This includes instruments, implants (shunts, aneurysm clips, cranial fixation, dura substitution) and equipment (high-speed power systems, neuroendoscopy, bipolar). Additionally, we will serve the microscope segment with Aesculap Aeos.

What exactly is Aesculap Aeos?

Aesculap Aeos is a robotic-assisted digital surgical microscope platform. We are convinced, in the age of digital solutions, it is time for the next level of surgical microscopes. It is time for equipment enabling ergonomic working conditions as well as an outstanding imaging quality.

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Aesculap is a reliable partner for treatment concepts in surgery, orthopaedics and interventional vascular medicine. Whether with surgical instruments, suture materials, implants, or sterile containers, the company strives for innovation, which results in medical advances. Since 1976, Aesculap belongs to the B. Braun Group, one of the world’s leading manufacturers of medical devices and pharmaceutical products and services. Everyday, 64,000 B. Braun employees in 64 countries share their knowledge with colleagues and customers.

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