Dear friends of the WFNS:



The WFNS Foundation was created with the mission to improve neurosurgical care and education with an obvious emphasis in developing countries. The visionary accomplishment of the previous WFNS Foundation leaders (Professors Martin Rodriguez, Samii and Basso among others) have been contributing to help thousands of patients and neurosurgeons in areas in need. One of the main WFNS Foundation goals is education. At present, there is a network of centers around the world contributing to the education of young colleagues in different ways (see www.WFNS.ORG). The WFNS Foundation has also the commitment to improve the neurosurgical units in developing countries, providing sets of instruments and equipment (microscopes, endoscopes, drills, etc.).


Needless to mention that currently the COVID-19 pandemic is threatening civilizations, converting many projects for the future in almost impossible endeavors, destroying human beings and of course with neurosurgical implications (beyond the scope of this gazette). The WFNS Foundation fellowship program allowing young neurosurgeons to travel abroad has been now obviously suspended, among other unfortunate consequences adversely affecting our goals.


The WFNS FONDATION GAZETTE is born to interact with our colleagues around the world disseminating also the current actions and future projects of WFNS Foundation. You will discover many persons working daily and silently to make the missions of WFNS Foundation a reality. Finally,  we are sure it will be a vehicle for hundred of neurosurgeons willing to help and contribute through many ways to improve education and neurosurgical care around the world.  We are very happy to receive your ideas or initiatives (please, contact our Central Office -Ms. Teresa Chen- teresachen@wfns.org ).


My last words will be to wish you all a wonderful 2021, plenty of health, peace and love. We all know how hard this present time is due to COVID pandemic, but I am sure we will overcome this situation and we will be back to normal life soon.


With kindest regards and appreciation,


Miguel A. Arraez

Chairman, WFNS Foundation